Why Should Anyone Be Led By Me?

There are two parts that will  be described:  what type of leader I believe and would like to become and how ready I am to lead others.

There is a complicated situation because there are different styles of leadership. A leader  can be influenced by different  perceptions, circumstances and  reactions of followers.

According to  Carrie Gilstrap ” Leadership is in the eyes of other people “( Kouzes, Posner,2007: 27). Therefore, the role of  followers is a process to become a leader and influence to the rest depending on what type of influence of leader is every person.

The democratic leader who focuses on  making easier group decision making , maximising collaboration and supporting empowerment ( Burnes, 2009:494). Therefore, it is concerned about the development of the team and tries to promote dialogue and participation of all members of group  to achieve the best performance possible for the team.


 Chatni, 2015

There are people who might not be motivated, and this kind of leader can find the problem. This leader empowers a clear vision to have the same direction for all in the group.  Supporting an emotionally balanced approach to leadership encourages participation to obtain the targets.

There are different styles of leadership, and there is no best style  of leadership ( Mullins, 2013:396). The different leadership styles  depend on  the leader´s  abilities and skills. The transformational leadership is a combination of charisma, the  stimulation of one´s  followers and concern for them (Miner 385:365). Therefore, the transformational leader has  some characteristics of a democratic leader because the transformational leader  can empower  his or her followers to commit  to the leader´s goal through motivation and the inspiration ( Beheiry, Chong, Haas, 2006:384). It is very difficult to implement a transformational leadership approach because it depends on the abilities of the leader, and the leader´s emotional  intelligence skills that he or she  can build a positive relationship with his or  her followers (Harms, Crede,2010).

It has been observed that the democratic and the transformational leadership styles are  very difficult to find  in the financial services field (Weese, 2005: 45).

Warren Buffett is a leader who inspires me because he knows how  to admit mistakes,  and he will use  them as knowledge for the future. For instance, he bought Dexter Shoes for 400 million and it disappeared quickly. So, Warren learned that companies can only earn high profits when they have some sustainable competitive advantage over other firms (Milles, 2004: 145) Moreover, Buffett is a democratic leader because he encourages participation and discussion within Berkshire Hathaway. Moreover, he knows how to convince employees to follow him (George, 2006). In addition, Buffett is an emotionally intelligent leader who  listens to his followers while communicating his vision, so Buffet also shows features of transformational  leader (Buchanan, 2012: 74).Therefore,  I would like to look like Buffet because it is the  perfect example of an effective leader to admire.

I am a ready to lead because I have many desirable characteristics. These include perseverance, optimism, sociability , consistency, flexibility , availability to  followers,  and reliability, as well as the confidence to lead diverse groups thanks to my international experience. Moreover, although  I lack  experience in the finance industries, I am working on this.  I am also working  to improve my  communication skills through my MBA as well.

( That is the same feeling Warren Buffet because he used to be terrified of public speaking)



The  various feedbacks that I received from my colleagues were that I allow a fair discussion among my team members, am  resourceful  and diligent teammate; a good motivator, a great leader , highly intellectual with a very academic outlook when taking up a project;  a team player and an excellent facilitator. However, they recommended that I improve my presentation skills.

If I enhance my communication skills,   gain experience,  and develop my transformational leadership capabilities ( Harms, Credé,2010) , it will enhance  my style and potential to be a l leader in the future.

To sum up,  my identification as a democratic leader  is due to my focus on maximising participation, supporting empowerment , listening  actively  and facilitating group decision making. These values are  very critical to improve organisational outcomes . Nonetheless, I aspire to develop myself into a transformational leader in order to improve my capabilities and the outcomes. While I feel confident to lead as a democratic leader, I am also aware of the need to continue to develop to ensure effective long-term leadership results.

The following video explains the participated leadership

The video explains how collaborative leadership  involves and engages team members to optimise the performance of the group and make sure that there is good communication among their employees.



Seattle Pi,2015 




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10 thoughts on “Why Should Anyone Be Led By Me?

  1. “perseverance, optimism, sociability , consistency, flexibility , availability to followers, and reliability, as well as the confidence to lead diverse groups thanks to my international experience.” CAN’T AGREE MORE! these strengths you have will surely make you a great leader, my friend! Very well written and I love how you put the videos. They help me to understand more about this topic and makes it more encouraging while reading your blogs. WELL DONE!!!


  2. Diego, as a coursemate of yours I am happy to see the recognitions of skills you intend to develop, leadership course has exposed us to new frameworks and business leaders like Warren Buffet that can influence our key decisions in the future. Nice piece of work Diego


  3. I believe that you have put the effort of practicing these leadership styles into your works throughout the MBA course, especially by inspiring others to work as hard as you are.


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